‘Hustler’ Magazine Owner Offers $10 MILLION for Information that Will Lead to the Impeachment of Donald Trump

Do you have any information that could impeach Donald Trump? If you do, it could be worth $10 million!!!  (more…)

Nene Leakes Kicked Off Of The Xscape Tour For Wishing Rape On A Heckler

The ‘Xscape Tour’ is one of the most highly anticipated reunions/tours of the year! At first, reality star turned comedian, Nene Leakes, was part of the tour but things quickly changed.  (more…)

Go home Roger!!

The National Football League has now taken a nose dive backwards on the National Anthem stance. A short time ago Roger Goodell, the NFL Commissioner to what appeared to be a stand againt Donald Trump when Trump spoke out saying “Owners should Fire Players if they don’t stand.” Goodell seemed to back players, saying Trump’s comments were “divisive” and “demonstrate an unfortunate lack of respect for the NFL.” Now just this week he issued another statement and it is very luke warm. Goodell started by saying “We live in a country that can feel very divided.” This is a shame he putt in “FEEL” very divided. This is the portion of White Privilege that is very Trifling because how in God’s green earth can this country “Feel” divided when clear stats show us Polic Brutality, The discrimination in the schools, and the high rate of Prison inmates being Black. Not to mention the constant reports being done that continues to highlight Racism. So for Goodell to talking about FEELING is a disgrace and it is disrespectful. Goodell only placed that memo because he is more concerned with the sponsors, yet how easily they forget, without the PLAYERS the owners don’t get paid and neither does the Commissioner.  There was a time when Players did NOT have to leave the locker room for the Anthem and it wasn’t until the NFL was paid 5.9Million that they decided to have players stand. See White Supremacy is all about Money and Power. So we have to consider Jerry Jones may have called Roger Goodell and gave him an earful. Let us also remember Jerry Jones, the one who is so patriotic was and have always been an owner of the Dallas Cowboys, his teams also stood in the locker room during the national anthem and the Cowboys are supposed to be AMERICA’S team!

So the NFL is in for a battle on this one. It has always been yelled, “When are Black people going to come together?” Now we are doing it and now The White Supremacist are say “no not like that!” I am convinced and have been convinced for several years about Racism existing. I call you my readers to be clear within your life because within this world you have to be aware of Racism it seeps through that “Flag.”

In addition, the kneeling was not even about the Flag in the first place and the Kneeling was a suggestion from the Army Ranger that had a meeting with Colin last year. So live in Truth.

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Dove’s Trifling Ad! Then apologizes

As you might be aware, Dove made the choice to share this ad. However, we have to step back into the make up of this ad from the first point. The idea was discussed and agreed upon by the general committee, they selected the actors for the commerical, they gave the scripts to the actors for them to SEE what they were going to do and this is what we have. So they can save this apology because this is not the first time this has happened with this company. As a matter of fact this is the third or fourth time.

This reminds me of “nothing new under the sun” because our society started with Black faces to mock our culture and now it has expanded to this ignorance and I have to say those words because that is truly what it is. Yes, we can declare a boycott of their products; however, that is only part of the issue. More of the issue is this passive apology from a company that will not only KEEP its leadership in tact, however, they will be considered protected under “1st amendment” freedom of speech. We cannot accept this apology because this room full of the decision makers carried high qualify education and they made a clear choice to be hateful and trifling.

My call to action is to address every discriminatory action headon with not only  a boycott, also make noise by bring attention to it through social media, newspapers and be direct with the action.

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Suge Knight Claims Dr. Dre Paid Someone $20,000 To Kill Him

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A $20,000 check made out by Dr. Dre almost had Suge Knight visiting what old folks call “the upper room”.  (more…)

Avoid The Coconut Water Hype

Coconut water has become a popular health drink, but is it really a great healthy drink? Once the facts are revealed, you might be surprised by the answer.

Although it’s easy to forget, coconuts are… nuts. Nuts, as well as seeds and grains, contain a chemical called phytic acid (or phytate). This chemical interferes with gut absorption of important minerals, including iron, calcium, magnesium, and zinc. It even prevents these nutrients from being absorbed from other foods when they’re consumed with coconut (or other nuts).

As nuts go, coconuts have less phytic acid, but there’s more than a tiny bit. You want to get all of the nutrients you can from your food, so it’s best not to go crazy with coconut and coconut products, except for coconut oil. Coconut oil doesn’t contain phytate, because phytic acid isn’t oil soluble.

Find out more about issues with nuts here

With that said, it can negatively affect the immune system in 2 ways, one of which is specifically related to nutrition. Less zinc availability leaves the immune system very imbalanced and vulnerable.

Nuts, including coconuts, also contain imbalanced protein. The amino acid content of nuts is not best for humans (or even for your dog or cat). The disproportionate amino acids can cause problems for the immune system.

If you insist on drinking coconut water, or eating coconut frequently, you can decrease the effect of the nutrient-inhibiting, or anti-nutrient, chemical in coconuts, by consuming coconut products with high vitamin C foods. This won’t make it possible to completely avoid the nutrition interference, but it will help a lot.

As far as the amino acid imbalance, you can try to balance it out a bit by consuming the coconut water with a meat meal. Meat has more balanced protein, which can help to minimize or prevent the protein issues. However, meat is also the best source of zinc, so you’ll want to definitely make sure vitamin C is well represented in the meal or in your drink.

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A Mother Officially Sentenced to Jail for Refusing to Vaccinate Her Child

After a battling with the courts, Rebecca Bredow, who refused to vaccinate her 9-year-old son, has been officially sentenced to spend 7 days in jail. This is like a nightmare for all of those who do all they can to protect their children from vaccines.

Bredow’s ex-husband, James Horne, has been trying, for over a year, for her to vaccinate. He took her to court, even though he had previously signed a vaccine waiver for their son, for religious exemption.

Rebecca says that the courts didn’t really hear side, but ordered her to vaccinate, regardless of the fact that she is primary caregiver to her son. It’s been stated that she originally agreed to comply, but never did.

This mom stated that she’d rather go to jail than to go against her beliefs, so the judge slapped her with contempt of court for which she’ll be doing this 7-day stint. What will happen, once she’s released, is anybody’s guess, but it’s certain that many parents are rooting for her to continue to stand her ground.

What could be the worst to come out of this court case, is that it could all be out spite. It’s possible that the child’s father had such a drastic change of heart due to demands for child support from his ex-wife.

For a parent to put a child’s health at risk for a possible future play for sole custody, or joint custody, in order to avoid financially supporting the child, is disgusting. It’s bad enough that pharmaceutical companies put children in harm’s way, for financial gain, but to have a parent play into that for his own financial gain is unfathomable.

This is hopefully a wake up call to other parents who may feel secure with a current agreement, from their significant other, to not vaccinate. Moms and Dads may need to look into having something more solid than a waiver form or verbal agreement between you and the other parent to your child(ren).

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Mom Threatened With Jail Time For Not Vaccinating Her Child

A Metro Detroit area mother may go to jail if she doesn’t vaccinate her son. This mom, Rebecca Bredow, believes that parents should have the right to determine what is and isn’t approved for their own child.

While she’s exactly right, the problem is that the demand to vaccinate originated from her ex-husband. Although Rebecca is the primary care-taker, she and her ex share custody. He has just as much right to determine what takes place with their child as she does, and despite having initially agreed with her on minimizing vaccines, he has since changed his mind.

If you’re a parent who understands the many dangers of vaccines, then this story might concern and infuriate you, as it should. However, this can be a lesson for all. There are many parents who, whether together or separated, agree not to vaccinate their children, but a person can change their minds.

It behooves everyone to make sure that both parties understand the risks, having done research themselves. It might also be possible to avoid such issues, down the road, if some sort of legally binding agreement is drawn up and signed by both. Whether or not this is possible may depend on the home state, but it’s definitely worth looking into.

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Candida Isn’t Just a Woman Problem, and You Can’t Starve it Away

Did you know that the biggest cancer risks come from toxins and nutrient deficiencies? Did you also know that some major causes of nutrient deficiencies are stress, bacterial dysbiosis, heavy metal toxicity, and candida, most of which goes unchecked, especially candida fungal infection.

Candida isn’t all bad. It’s actually a yeast that is normal inhabitant of every person’s digestive system. However, it’s dimorphic, meaning it can change or morph into another form. This other form can come about through various reasons, including stress and I’m balance of friendly guy bacteria.

We think candida is all about vaginal ‘yeast’ infection, but it can be anywhere in the body of women and men (many of of whom often go undiagnosed for years). Men frequently succumb to this, in the form of thrush, and even chronic sinus pressure and headaches.

Another myth is that candida infections require abstaining from sugar, because candida supposedly only eats sugar. Well, actually, if you attempted to kill candida by refusing to eat what it likes to eat, then you would also need to stop eating anything with iron, zinc, coq10, etc…., you’d pretty much need to stop eating.

Candida eats up, or uses up, many of the nutrients that YOU need. It is one of many causes of stress response in the body, and it’s typically given evem more ability to grow out of control when we have gut bacteria imbalance and/or heavy metal toxicity.

To minimize potential problems, it’s a good idea to increase vegetable intake, and take probiotics. It’s also good to do a detox, followed by a candida cleanse.

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Judge Forced To Declare Mistrial Because Juror Refuses To “Put A Black Man In Jail”

A Brooklyn judge was forced to declare a mistrial because “Juror # 3” openly stated that she did not want to convict a black man.  (more…)