Go home Roger!!

The National Football League has now taken a nose dive backwards on the National Anthem stance. A short time ago Roger Goodell, the NFL Commissioner to what appeared to be a stand againt Donald Trump when Trump spoke out saying “Owners should Fire Players if they don’t stand.” Goodell seemed to back players, saying Trump’s comments were “divisive” and “demonstrate an unfortunate lack of respect for the NFL.” Now just this week he issued another statement and it is very luke warm. Goodell started by saying “We live in a country that can feel very divided.” This is a shame he putt in “FEEL” very divided. This is the portion of White Privilege that is very Trifling because how in God’s green earth can this country “Feel” divided when clear stats show us Polic Brutality, The discrimination in the schools, and the high rate of Prison inmates being Black. Not to mention the constant reports being done that continues to highlight Racism. So for Goodell to talking about FEELING is a disgrace and it is disrespectful. Goodell only placed that memo because he is more concerned with the sponsors, yet how easily they forget, without the PLAYERS the owners don’t get paid and neither does the Commissioner.  There was a time when Players did NOT have to leave the locker room for the Anthem and it wasn’t until the NFL was paid 5.9Million that they decided to have players stand. See White Supremacy is all about Money and Power. So we have to consider Jerry Jones may have called Roger Goodell and gave him an earful. Let us also remember Jerry Jones, the one who is so patriotic was and have always been an owner of the Dallas Cowboys, his teams also stood in the locker room during the national anthem and the Cowboys are supposed to be AMERICA’S team!

So the NFL is in for a battle on this one. It has always been yelled, “When are Black people going to come together?” Now we are doing it and now The White Supremacist are say “no not like that!” I am convinced and have been convinced for several years about Racism existing. I call you my readers to be clear within your life because within this world you have to be aware of Racism it seeps through that “Flag.”

In addition, the kneeling was not even about the Flag in the first place and the Kneeling was a suggestion from the Army Ranger that had a meeting with Colin last year. So live in Truth.

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NeNe Leakes Lashes Out At Heckler During Comedy Show: ‘I Hope Your Uber Driver Rapes Your Ass Tonight!’ [Video]

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Dove’s Trifling Ad! Then apologizes

As you might be aware, Dove made the choice to share this ad. However, we have to step back into the make up of this ad from the first point. The idea was discussed and agreed upon by the general committee, they selected the actors for the commerical, they gave the scripts to the actors for them to SEE what they were going to do and this is what we have. So they can save this apology because this is not the first time this has happened with this company. As a matter of fact this is the third or fourth time.

This reminds me of “nothing new under the sun” because our society started with Black faces to mock our culture and now it has expanded to this ignorance and I have to say those words because that is truly what it is. Yes, we can declare a boycott of their products; however, that is only part of the issue. More of the issue is this passive apology from a company that will not only KEEP its leadership in tact, however, they will be considered protected under “1st amendment” freedom of speech. We cannot accept this apology because this room full of the decision makers carried high qualify education and they made a clear choice to be hateful and trifling.

My call to action is to address every discriminatory action headon with not only  a boycott, also make noise by bring attention to it through social media, newspapers and be direct with the action.

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How do you interact with the “Law”?

Many of us believe we know the law and can talk our way out of situations involving the Police. This is a direct challenge to us all because many of us are acting without wisdom. Wisdom would tell us only speak when spoke to and be direct without much long windedness. Now let me point out the elephant in the room, this still would not deter from being killed, which is a harsh truth; however, it does begin to built confidence within us when we meet foolishness and flithy with wisdom and righteous. The 5th Amendment tells us plain and clear, “You have the right to remain silent ANYTHING YOU SAY CAN AND WILL be used against you in the court of law.” That is powerful because if we rest on those words we will start to see that we are set up to fail. Who are the “we”? Those who opposition of the police and law. Yes, we can go into the shoulds and the coulds; however, I deal with Truth and Wisdom. I’ve been in several situations where I have been pressured to share information that I did not need to share and there was a benefit and not a benefit. This is a thin line because we understand, well many of us , that there is a connection between the officers, the courts and the prison. That is part of the reason why it has been such a hard struggle to convict many more cops for illegal use of force and the terrorism because you open the door and call one aspect corrupt them that will cycle back on the others and then America would have another issue to address. We must start to get online and with our Library’s and read your states Code of Law for Policing because each state can be different. We must start to watch over the police interactions, those of us who believe we are overseers. We must hold expungement fairs annually within our communities in order to remove those charges that the courts should have removed. We must organize a call line when one of our brothers or sisters are engaged with Police. We must teach interaction techniques such as always get the officers badge number and name, pull over in lighted areas. This is not fool proof; however, it will build up a community for us to properly engage.


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How to Stop A Cold or Flu virus

When a cold or flu hits, you have to hit back hard, within 48-72 hours, or risk being stuck with it for longer than you have to be. There are many cold/flu remedies circulating the internet, from echinacea to elderberry, and beyond. I’ve found many of them to be ok, but not the best. I’ve even found that elderberry seems to interfere with my usual fast recovery, when I have combined it with my supplements or regimen. If you like the effects of elderberry and echinacea, you’ll love what i’m about to share with you.

In the video below, I give you what I’ve found to be the best, tried and true solutions for knocking out cold and flu viruses fast. How attack the cold/flu is always up to you, but I would use every single bit of info in the video to my advantage.

If you want to maximize your results even more, or if you’re quite busy and just don’t think that you can commit to what’s laid out above, then you can get increased benefit with an herbal supplement called W.A.R.

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Additional Tips:

  • It’s best to avoid adding pasta/noodles to your chicken and/or mushroom soup. Stick to adding veggies only
  • I love Lakewood Organic Aloe Vera Juice! It is simple, just aloe and lemon juice, no additives. If you can’t find this brand, just make sure you buy one that has no added flavors or colors, and no sweeteners (not even artificial ones).
  • Rooibos tea comes in red or green leaf. Each has benefits. Click here to learn more about it.

You deserve to be mo better!

Side Chick vs. Sister Wife (Part 1)

Nowadays it’s so discouraging how our generation glorifies the side chick but degrades the sister wife. In what aspect does this make sense? Why is the subject of Polygamy, Polygyny and Polyandry so bad that we can’t have a decent an adult conversation? I see daily that it’s very much needed because the ignorance amongst Poly living is at an all time high! And I am tired of the common misconceptions!

For instance, most people over-sexualize the types of relationships. I don’t know who put in their heads that all poly people do is have orgys every night and spread diseases, but take those thoughts out now! That’s so not the case. Most of the time it’s never about the sex, that’s just a bonus! I’ve been in multiple poly-lationships and i can name more times than one where i didnt wake up to a bed full of people! Let me explain how this works… Because there are so many benefits.

There are a few different kinds of Poly-lationships. The two I’m gonna speak on today are Polgyny and Polyandry. The most talked about and misconstrued types.

Polygyny is the practice in which the man has multiple wives. This is mostly common in the Islamic faith (and from my experience, usually practiced wrong) I’ve seen in many cases where the women were forced into Polygyny because it’s been taught that the man does not have to seek permission from the wife, BUT it is considerate that he at least let her know he’ll be adding on. And what religious woman wants to be disobedient to their God? So they dealt with it. I’ve been in this situation twice, when i was practicing religion.. Except I was the wife coming in, and after that I said never again. First go around, I found out things about my then husband that was very disturbing. And it didn’t help that he wasn’t really seeking a wife. He clearly just wanted to have fun. His main problem was he was very one sided. And he should’ve known better than to have a second wife if he could not be just between the two. And honestly, this is the problem in most polygamous relationships.

Quran (4:129) – “Ye are never able to be fair and just as between women, even if it is your ardent desire”  Underscores that a man is not able to treat multiple wives fairly. He would therefore be unable to acquire more than one wife if this were a requirement – which it is not.

And then there’s Polyandry. The practice where the woman has multiple husbands. Much less common, but definitely practiced worldwide. I actually know a few women who live this lifestyle and yes, all parties are aware of each other. Pimpin’ ain’t easy, right? Haha. Anyway, according to research, It is a rare form of marriage that exists not only among peasant families but also among the elite families. For example, polyandry in the Himalayan mountains is related to the scarcity of land. The marriage of all brothers in a family to the same wife allows family land to remain intact and undivided. If every brother married separately and had children, family land would be split into unsustainable small plots. Now I’m sure you’re reading this like what the heck?! But I’m ways I get it. Would I be into it, nah. But to each is own!

Let’s get into the issues of being a sister wife. The main issues are sharing, jealousy, control and lack of self-esteem. Women are so quick to turn down the idea of having another Queen in their castle, or in their lives period, but will accept a man who cheats over and over. I never understood it. You’d rather deal with the hurt, than embrace the truth for what it is. It is natural for a man to lust after more than one woman. Whether it stay a thought, or becomes an action. A man will be a man and always find something he likes in another woman. One morning I saw a post one day where a sister said, “Queens don’t share their King”. But when you think about it, yes they actually did. All Kings, and prophets from back in the day had what they called, a “concubine.” If you think about it, it’s this western society that made monogamy normal! Me myself, I’m a free spirit. I take things and look at the bigger picture. Polygamy brings many benefits for a person like myself. It brings financial benefits. Emotional benefits. And creates a scene where no woman goes without. Aren’t we supposed to want for our sister’s what we want for ourselves?

Just look at all the men we have left to chose from. Most of the good ones are taken. Then that leaves us with homosexuals and jail birds! Or you have the single straight men who want to stay that way. So why watch another woman suffer and be lonely? What if that’s you? This type of relationship will not only help in producing lives, but also create a new meaning of sisterhood. And thats what’s missing! We need to empower one another, love one another and have each others backs!

Let me just close this by saying that at the end of the day, everything ain’t for everybody! I’m not trying to tell anyone that they’re wrong for choosing to only be in a monogamous relationship. But i am asking that you really research and learn the true meaning and reasoning for this lifestyle. But this article is just touching on the types and break downs of polygamy. Next I’ll get into the good, bad and ugly. I hope you enjoyed this piece, and  stay tuned!


How would an entire white community feel with an all-black police force policing their community?

I’d like to check the temperature and talk about the type of atmosphere we are living in. Throughout the entire country we see and hear about White cops shooting unarmed Black Men and Women at an terrorizing rate and no we don’t need to look at the data. The data will only show whether this has increased or decreased; however, we know it is happening. The serious question we need to consider is why haven’t we heard about Black cops shooting or killing White Men and Women. We know Black cops are being harrassed, weapons drawn on them, spit on, and disrespected. But why is it that Black cops haven’t pulled the trigger on these individuals? Do Black cops have more restraint and discipline than White cops? Or is it that if Black cops began killing White Men and Women White America would retailate in a manner that Black people aren’t willing? When we analyze Policing in America we can trace the start from Slavery with the Slave catchers, Jim Crow south and now. It is the same spirit just at different times. This is very serious because do we believe if Black cops started pulling the trigger because of “I fear for my life” would White America just March or protest? These are questions that need to be answered without any Intellectual Masturbation. We see many White cops policing neighborhoods they don’t live in and just play catch with our black children and call that community policing. There would never and has never been in the history of America an all Black police force policing an all white community. They allow Police Chiefs who are Black, but that remains under the umbrella of White Supremacy. Have you every wondered with all the jobs White America is open to why would they chose a Police Officer career? A license to Kill and use authority to terrorize? We need answers to these questions my Brothers and Sisters. My build on this topic is as I said before this would not be allowed. There would be immediate action and legislation to overrule this action. So if the that is such why do we allow an all White Police force to Police our communities? You pay their salary’s so speak up and address issues head on, demand change from your legislators and be specific.

I love you family, Peace!

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Get Marriage Counseling BEFORE Marriage!

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Beautiful Appearance and Long Life

Allah, in the person of Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom praise is due forever, came to give us a spiritual life which would automatically give us a physical life of Himself (the life of the righteous), which we lost by following other than righteous guides.

We cannot be successful in making the progress of a spiritual life, unless we have the guidance for the physical life. This guidance comes to us through laws, rules and regulations of our physical life.

We must make this teaching of eating once a day binding upon us, as a law, in order to get any good from it, as Allah (God) desires. The purpose of these dietary laws and the time that we should partake of food is to lengthen our lives, by ridding us of the greedy desire to eat three times a day and between meals if we are offered food.

The main purpose of this teaching, “How to Eat to Live,” is to prolong our lives.

Beauty appearance is destroyed in us—not just our facial appearance, but the most beautiful appearance about us, our characteristics (the way we act and practice our way of life). We achieve one of the greatest beauties when we achieve the spiritual beauty and characteristics through practicing them. We achieve the spiritual beauty through practicing or carrying into practice the spiritual laws.

We know that we have been made ugly by our enemies’ rearing of our parents. We know that many of our people throughout the earth have been made ugly by not practicing culture that would beautify them. But we are blessed that God, Himself, has visited us to guide us in His way. What people on the earth has God visited in person today, other than you and me here in America?

The Wisdom that He teaches us is the Wisdom of God and of the Gods. It is Supreme Wisdom, because it is above and far ahead of what we have ever heard and what we see practiced by others today. Should we not obey that which is good for us, when we are members of the nation of good? Why should we not practice that which is good for us?

It has come to us and Allah (God) has said that it is ourselves that He is giving to us. Should we not accept the good for ourselves, instead of accepting evil and disobedience to the law of goodness, when the bible verifies this truth?

Why should you and I not accept such good teaching and practice it? It will do away with sickness and keep death standing outside our doors for a long time—for many years. Think over Methuselah and Noah who kept death standing outside of the door for nearly one thousand years. Now we cannot stay here one century, which is one tenth of that time. We invite death inside the door, instead of obeying a law of God that will keep it outside for a long time.

Eat one meal a day. Stay away from the hog, of which 10 ounces takes away from you. God has said, three one-hundredths percent of the beauty appearance.

This civilization has a thousand and one things for you to eat. It is not necessary for you to go around trying to eat everything people say to eat to have good health. But, what you eat, let it be good and do not eat yourself to death at that one meal a day. This book has described to you good, common food. You do not have to be rich to purchase it.

And I would not like you to follow the Bible in Genesis where Adam is told to go and eat of all the herbs of the earth. There are some poisonous herbs that would have killed Adam. This is a mistake that the theologians put in the Bible. You cannot eat all herbs; some of them will kill you. But, eat the best of herbs that God approves for you and me and do not think He approved of Adam eating all the herbs of the earth.

(Reprinted from “How to Eat to Live,” Book One, 1967.)